Monday, June 18, 2012

How To Make Money Online? How To Make Money From Home?

You've set up your new website / blog through HostGator, using the HostGator coupon "25HGspecial" to save 25% off your web hosting plan or you used the HostGator coupon "994HGspecial" to pay 1 cent for your first month of web hosting, now you're confused, wondering and asking... "How to make money online?"

You have come to the right website; we will teach you how to make money from home!

Ways to make money from home:

Below, I will list several ways you can make money from home. Some of these ways will require you to purchase a domain and web hosting to set up a website. The other ways to make money online doesn't require you to have a website.

◘ Advertisements
◘ Affiliate programs
◘ Article writing
◘ Ebook
◘ Freelancer
◘ Niche marketing
◘ Online store
◘ Phone talk - phone consultations, psychic line, etc.
◘ Sell photos
◘ Surveys
◘ VA (virtual assistant)
◘ Vlogging (video blogging)
◘ Work from home job

Make money online (Advertisements):

If you want to make money online through paid advertisements such as Google Adsense, it's best to have a website to display the ads on. You can also make money through Google Adsense if you create a Youtube account, then create videos.

Make money online (Affiliate Programs):

With affiliate programs, it depends on which company you are interested in promoting products for. Some affiliate companies will allow anyone to join while others have certain requirements (you must have your own website, your website must bring in a certain amount of traffic per day / month, etc.)

Make money online (Article Writing):

Companies that hire others for article writing usually require that you have good English skills / good grammar. Other than that, some have strict guidelines on how long each article should be (how many words per article). To know the exact article writing requirements, you need to fully and carefully read the requirements for each company you plan to write for.

You do not need your own website for article writing. Your content will usually be published on the company website. Some companies and bloggers also hire article writers as freelancers to write articles for advertisements, publicity, etc.

Make money online (Ebook):

There are two ways to make money with an ebook. You can create your own ebook or sell an ebook someone else wrote. You do not need a website to sell ebooks, but it would increase your chances of selling the ebook by doing reviews.

Make money online (Freelancer):

Working from home as a freelancer gives you plenty of options. There are no limits on freelancing! Whatever you are great at, you can provide that service for others in need of it. You do not need a website to become a freelancer; however, having a website can help you gain clients if you wish to work directly with clients without going through a freelancing company. 

Without having a website to display your freelancing skills, letting potential clients know what services you provide, you'll most-likely end up going through a freelancing company, splitting your earnings with the middleman. 

Make money online (Niche Marketing):

You have probably came across the word niche or niche marketing a lot, but never had anyone define niche for you. What is niche? A niche site is a website that focuses

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